About Us

We are just a mom and her daughters who love to read! We represent multiple generations, Baby Boomers, Xennials and Millenials. So there should be a little something for everyone



I am Judy – Mom to these two beautiful, intelligent women. I am happily retired, so I have LOTS of time to read, knit, crochet, and spend time with my family – and especially my adorable grandsons. I love to read just about anything, even as a child I would read the back of cereal boxes while eating breakfast. I especially enjoy historical fiction, mysteries in the spirit of Agatha Christie and “…long, multilayered novels, set partly in the present and partly in the past, with secrets and mysteries at their core” so well said by Kate Morton who is the master of that genre (whatever it is called). Along with Kate, some of my favorite authors are Sarah Durant, Kate Atkinson, Diane Goodman, Paula Brackston, and recently discovered Eve Chase. Oh, and of course, who doesn’t love Carl Hiassen.

My daughters loved to read at a young age, and both usually fell asleep surrounded by piles of books. I am so happy they agreed to blog with me and I hope that we bring you laughter, information and some ideas for great new books to read. Please share your thoughts with us!


Big Sister

A busy mom of two boys with a demanding full time job, you’ll find me reading late at night when everyone is in bed. My bookshelves are littered with every genre imaginable but largely populated with Bret Easton Ellis, Kate Morton, Kate Atkinson, John Irving, and Marisha Pessl.


Little Sister

I am a young professional who spends lots of time in my car commuting to work so I turned to audiobooks to satiate my literature fix. My bookshelf is an eclectic mixture of all genres. Though a special shelf is dedicated to my forever favorite, Stephen King.